Strategize. Build. Ship

End-to-End Application Development,
Managed Services and Onsite Consulting. 

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Hello, we are Intign - A data-driven software studio

We help companies with product strategy, growth strategy, product design and innovation. 

Achieve unprecedented personalization, efficiency & monitoring at scale

  • Strategic Consulting


    We dive into your business model, market challenges, and product positioning, helping you create a product that delivers unique value.

    Improve your top line through unprecedented personalization at scale. We can do this by helping you acquire new customers, retaining and up-selling to your existing customers and through customer support services. Improve your bottom line through unprecedented efficiency at scale. We bring you valuable widsom about your assets and inventories.

  • Design & Develop


    Our Product Design team cares for your user’s experience over the entire customer journey, at every touchpoint with your company.

    Our teams stay lean and rapidly deploy customized solutions for each client while constantly learning from and challenging each other. The modern web isn’t just for static websites and content. It’s the most open, flexible, and immediately accessible application runtime available today.

  • Go-to Market

    Ship & Market

    We carefully craft every single solution to give the end-user the best product experience possible, every time they engage—no matter the platform, device, or channel.

    Our Silicon Valley mindset of rapid prototyping combines with user research and iteration to achieve breakthrough results in short engagements. Unstructured data is like crude oil. We refine and classify them in to governable and reactive streams

Sharing the excellence

We partner with the world’s technology leaders. We work with the best-in-class frameworks and tools to bring the products into fruition. Our clientele includes top-tier IT companies and cutting-edge startups from India, Middle-East and Europe.

Application Development

Java, Python, Node, Swift, Kotlin, React, Flutter, Salesforce Platform

Managed Cloud Services

Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Heroku

Service Catalogue
  • Salesforce Consulting & Implementation
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Sciences
  • Enterprise/Consumer Mobility & UX
  • Crypto & Blockchain
  • Real-time Web & PWA
  • SaaS / Cloud Offerings
  • IoT Product Development
  • Digital Transformation

Some amazing companies we've had the pleasure to work with.